Wafer Bump Plating Service

Shinryo's micro bump plating helps your
semiconductor device tests and production.

Shinryo's Electroplating Dept. located in Kitakyushu, Japan, is a business entity which undertakes plating service
on wafers, substrates, and other small electric components provided by customers.
Shinryo belongs to Mitsubishi Chemical Group.

With our plating solder of various melting points(60℃~280℃),
technology of fine pitch solder bumping (minimum φ3μm on wafers and other shapes of substrates),
and evenly metal layer forming by plating on wires, solder balls, and metal powders,
Shinryo backs up your company's testing and production of
semiconductor and other types of electronic devices.

If you are looking for plating service for flip chip bumping,
we offer you a to-the-point solution.
We are looking forward to find oversea customers.

Characteristics of Shinryo's Solder Plating/Bumping

Fine Pitch Bumping

Plating Solders of
Various Melting Points


Flexibility of Plating Service
/Support of Small Lot Trial

Fine Pitch FCB Bumping
on Wafers and Substrates

Shinryo is specialized in solder plating with minimized bump pitch:
the minimum solder bump pitch is 6μm and the smallest bump diameter is 3μm.

Our fine pitch bump plating fits to the ongoing trend of miniaturization and high-functionalization of semiconductor devices.

・On bumping of wafers and substrates, Shinryo performs the processes of sputtering, photo resist coating, exposure and development, plating, resist stripping, seed layer etching, and reflowing.
・Upon your request, we can exclude some of the processes, or add some extra process like wafer thinning and dicing.

Plating Solders of
Various Melting Points

Shinryo has variety of Pb-free solder for plating, with their melting points ranging from 60℃ to 280℃.

Considering the property, heat resistance, and the use of the devices to apply our plating, we offer you the best suitable solder for each components.

We call our solder with melting points lower than 156℃ Shinryo's low melting point solder. Our newest solder alloy Sn-Bi-In's melting point can be adjusted between 60℃ to 110℃.

Shinryo's low melting point solders are developed to reduce damage and warp on devices and chips at mounting process.
They are best for bonding of low-heat resistant materials
like LEDs, compound semiconductors(CdTe and CZT), and flexible resin substrates.

Flexibility of our Plating Service

We accept not only Si wafers, but also other types of wafers and substrates like Glass, SiC, InP, GaAs and so on.
Other than wafers and substrates, we perform plating on small components like solder balls, metal powders, and wires.

Shinryo is happy to help our customers from the trial stage,
so we gladly accept even if you have only 1 wafer or 1 lot of the components for a trial.

Application Example:
Flip Chip Bumping for CdTe/CdZnTe Sensor

Combining our fine pitch bumping technology and low-melting point solder,
we offer best bonding solution for high-end sensor products in medical use.

Issues of Bonding Compound Semiconductors

On Reflowing Condition
・Properties of semiconductor change under high temp. 

・Compound semiconductors may get damaged
due to the thermal expansion coefficient difference
between the substrates or chips.

On Micro Miniaturization:

・Higher integration is required for
minimizing the device and getting clearer CT image.

↪Shinryo's Solution with Low-melting Point Solder and Micro Bumping
For further information and
request of plating trial, feel free to contact us.
We are happy to hold a Teams meeting and answer you questions.

Shinryo Corporation
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